VanLeles Diamonds: Fine Jewellery With a Heart in Africa

Jewellery for me often goes deeper than aesthetics or design. A treasured piece of jewellery is sentimental, symbolic, and can carry a mountain of memories. However, I also believe the ethos and history of a jewellery brand is crucial, which is why I was extremely excited to collaborate with VanLeles Diamonds. VanLeles Diamonds was founded in 2011 by the inspiring and charming Vania Leles, a former fashion model of African/Portuguese heritage. VanLeles is a brand that boasts elegant high jewellery of the highest standard, whilst only using ethically sourced stones from African nations including Mozambique.

The essence of what VanLeles represents is evident even in the design of the jewels. Every collection has a distinct and intricately inscribed influence. From the Sahara collection to the Legends of Africa Collection (both shown below). Every VanLeles masterpiece uses idiosyncratically rare stones, that can be easily integrated into any woman’s casual or formal wear. There’s no doubt that Vania designs the collections with the modern woman in mind – a woman who is strong, sartorial-minded, but sentimental.

Vania is the first fine jewellery owner of African descent to open shop on Bond Street. Thus, the VanLeles story is incredibly inspiring for any young African who would like to venture into fine jewellery. As a fellow African, I’m proud to have shot this feature with a brand who proudly stands alongside every other fine jeweller on Bond Street. Vanleles creates pieces of unmatched craftsmanship and finesse, and the founder’s love for jewellery and her heritage seeps through every stone.


Out Of Africa Collection


Sahara Collection


Lyla’s Bow Collection


Legends of Africa Collection


Vanleles Diamonds Founder, Vania Leles 


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  1. I love the collections so much, especially the thought put into the names and designs. My favourite is, of course, the Lyla’s Bow collection.

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