JTO Takes Lagos: Should I Like This Shirt?

Safari chic? New Age Camouflage? These were just a few of the questions flying through my mind as I pieced together this look. As this is the third JTO Takes Lagos post, it was only right to finally give a sartorial nod to the most disputed textile like ever, ankara. Yes, once again ankara print is being featured on jtofashion.com in the form of this Stella Jean shirt. The Italian brand has been both famed and scandaled for their heavy inclusion of ankara fabric, which have also been given the inaccurate and vague pseudonym of “African print”. Because I could discuss the delicacy and the “Fake News” legacy of what ankara actually is, I’ll spare you the rant for a future post and end with this… is ankara culturally defendable? All I knew at this moment was that I was really digging this shirt.


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Stella Jean Shirt

Marni Shorts

Marni Handbag

Dries Van Noten Heels

Gucci Sunglasses

Dolce and Gabbana Earrings

Photos by Majeek Daniel

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos



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  1. yes, please… I’d really like to know your take on what Ankara fabric. I work with this type o fabric a lot and I’ve always assumes, probably like everyone else, that Ankara is the same as African print.

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