Napoleon Dynamite

Sky blue, cobalt blue, navy, and azure are just a few of the different shades you can try to match with your summer whites in the upcoming months. IDK, blue paired with white will never go out of style. Another item I’ll definitely be revisiting this Spring are oversized, vintage, prescriptionless, glasses. I’ll admit, ever since I added Napoleon Dynamite to my list of fashion inspirations my reading glasses collection has grown exponentially. Is it terrible to say that I’ve always wanted my optician to repudiate my 20/20 vision so I had a defensible excuse to wear these reading glasses every day?

You may have missed them, but there are two more aspects of this look that have just fallen into my sartorial conscience; skinny-ass scarves, and mini bags that can be attached to trousers. These two additions to my styling inventory will make all the difference when I’m feeling bored of my day-to-day jeans and a top combo. So get ready for my next blog post that will probably feature an even skinnier scarf and an even smaller bag – because what is fashion without novelty.


Balenciaga Blouse

I.Am.Gia Trousers

Micro Fendi Peekaboo Bag

Cinq À Sept Scarf

Vintage Glasses

Photos by KWVKU


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Shop My Look! (click the items to buy):

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  1. Omg i want me some of those napoleon glasses, and when peeps be like ‘why you always wearing em glasses’ amma have a good defence. imma be like “i wear it everyday cus its keeps me focus on executing my vision”

    love that writeup line from you temi

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