Guest Style Diaries: Mr. Eazi Takes Havana

So guys, this is admittedly very different to what you’re used to seeing on This post is in fact my first ever ‘Guest Style Diaries’, a new series where creatives or generally stylish people will debut exclusive photos whilst answering some probing questions about their personal style. Honestly, I’ve been getting sick of my on face plastered all over this site and I’m sure you have been to. To kick off the ‘Guest Style Diaries’ series, it was only right to start with this special guest. You may know Mr. Eazi from his songs “Legover” and “Skintight”, but today I’ll be asking him about clothes, style, and his fashion preferences. Catch the full interview and the photos from his recent Cuban trip below!



Temi: So… Thank you for sitting down with me (lol). Firstly, why were you in Havana and how did you find it?

Eazi: Hello, haha. I went to Havana with the singer, Raye, and her team. Raye and I just put out a single a week ago and we went to shoot the video. Havana was a vibe and I didn’t want to leave! I have to go back soon.


Temi: How would you describe your personal style?

Eazi: My style is very chilled, laidback, and experimental! In one word – Nomadic



Temi: Who is your male style inspiration?

Eazi: Diplo baba!!


Temi: Who is your female style inspiration *coughs*?

Eazi: Haha, JTO lomo!!



Temi: If you could only shop in one store, what would it be?

Eazi: Probably ‘Urban Outfitters’.


Temi: What is the most expensive item you would splurge on?

Eazi: A Baecation.


Temi: What trend would you never try?

Eazi: A flashy lifestyle.



Temi: How much thought goes into how you dress day to day?

Eazi: I would love to say a lot of time, but to be honest I’m more mood driven so it generally depends on how I feel. I also get a lot of help though *wink*.


Temi: Does this change much for your performance outfits?

Eazi: For performances it’s the same, but it also depends on the demographic of my audience and capacity of the gig!



Temi: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Eazi: Omo I don’t know o! I keep getting gifted, so let’s just say it’s a lot.


Temi: what do you think of man bags like the one Lil Uzi Vert rocked etc.

Eazi: I’d actually rock them.



Now, time for some Quick fire question:

Temi: Jeans or tracksuit bottoms?

Eazi: Tracksuit bottoms.


Temi: Chain, or no chain?

Eazi: No chain. hehe.


Temi: Nike, or Adidas?

Eazi: Adidas.


Temi: Colour, or monochrome?

Eazi: Colour.


Temi: Tie, bowtie, or a cravat?

Eazi: None abeg!




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