Lost in Translation

We’re getting very experimental today. When I found out I’d be in Tokyo for the majority of January my mind instantly flew to Sofia Coppola’s 2003 film, Lost in Translation. This probably shouldn’t have been my immediate reference to Tokyo but Lost in Translation has become so integral to the time I fell in love with movies. I first watched Lost in Translation in my early teens as I started finding new genres and types of film. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that summer blockbusters, cliched romantic comedies, and Disney films weren’t the only options available to me. Soon after, Rushmore, Dazed and Confused, and then Lost in Translation became teenage obsessions along with a troubling James Dean infatuation.


So, can you blame me for having trouble separating the filmic fiction of Coppola’s insomnia-driven Tokyo with the actual reality of what the city might be? I have since compounded Taxi Driver with New York City, and Call Me by Your Name with Northern Italy, the same way Tokyo will forever be conflated with my experiences watching Lost in Translation. Although I haven’t forgotten the social issues with this film, racial stereotypes and a lack of complex Japanese characters to name a few, I fell in love with the subtlety and careful banality of Coppola’s storytelling.


I collaborated with the Park Hyatt Tokyo during my trip which also happened to be where Lost in Translation was filmed. The hotel itself is so integral to the experiences of Charlotte and Bob that it becomes a character in itself. So, for this post, I decided to create some JTO Film Stills, a new creative concept that will hopefully become a jtofashion.com series where I shoot cinematic scenes inspired by some of my favourite films. If I haven’t mentioned before, I’m very, very, into movies.


I hope you enjoy seeing and comparing the scenes I created and make sure you watch the Lost in Translation inspired movie I filmed for my Youtube channel (here).


Words by Temi Otedola

Creative Direction by Temi Otedola

Original Thumbnail Art by Antonia Weishaupt

Location: Park Hyatt Tokyo




















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  1. I love movies so much that I imagine my self in them. This is absolutely amazing ! I love it and I hope you create more ❤️

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