Perk Up! Here’s Where to Get Coffee In London


For anyone else who needs their daily fix of caffeine, really really good coffee can be as valuable as liquid gold in London. I used to be your stereotypical Starbucks girl, until one summer, in Milan, I had a life changing espresso. I never knew coffee could be so (for lack of a better phrase) undiluted in quality. In London, there are a couple of places I’ve since found to buy truly delectable coffee, and it simply wouldn’t be fair if I kept them all to myself. Scroll down for a few of my favourite, no-frills, coffee spots in London for a pre-work fix or to accompany your lazy Sundays.



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Baker and Spice

Baker and Spice prides itself in making almost everything from scratch on a daily basis. Whenever you walk into any one of their locations, you can expect the same warm atmosphere and amazing coffee and pastries. Their chefs and baristas put the utmost care into everything they make, and it shows.


Nude Espresso Roastery

As one of London’s major roasteries, Nude Espresso is not only renowned for their excellent coffee, but also for their wide variety of fresh brunch and lunch options. I mean, tasty coffee is one thing. But tasty coffee and delicious food? If you’re ever in East London, make sure to check out one of their several cafes in the area.



Also in east London, specifically Commercial Street, Trade has built a reputation for “great coffee, enormous artisan sandwiches and yummy breakfast/brunches.” Trade also make their own cascara tea and offers a great selection of Novus tea, if you need some caffeine, but can’t stand the taste of coffee.

N.B. They have the best sourdough grilled cheeses in London. I’ve often laid in bed wondering when next I’ll get to bite into one.


Lever & Bloom

It’s hard to miss this bright red coffee cart, located in the heart of Bloomsbury. Apart from the delicious coffee, their customer service is outstanding. The baristas know their customers by name and even remember their orders. I especially recommend Lever & Bloom for any UCL students who need a between lecture “pick-me-up.” As a UCL alumni, I can’t even count how many times their coffee got me through those long, grueling days of revising.


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