JTO Takes Dubai: The Many Pros of the Boiler Suit

This post signifies the sad end to my very first JTO Takes Dubai series. If you missed the first two posts you can see them (here)! So now it’s time for me to tell you some great things about the boilersuit – the comfort level is comparable to wearing your pyjamas, it effectively covers up any holiday weight gain, and no need to worry about what to pair it with, all you need are some trainers/heels. And no I was not influenced by just laziness, you can actually blame the jetlagged nights watching Orange is the New Black for my newfound obsession.

Maybe I haven’t won you over yet, so here is my bonus round: jumpsuits will make anyone look taller, the elongated form in the pant will literally stretch out your body. Yes, that is a proven scientific fact.

Although this was a super brief series, it has been one of my favourites to date. It was so exciting trying to cut across Dubai to shoot 3 looks in 2 hours, on my final day there! You’ll see all the behind the scenes madness in my JTO Takes Dubai vlog that will be on the blog in a couple of days. I really hope you enjoyed the series, make sure you leave a comment below telling me what your favourite look was!


I.AM.GIA Boiler Suit

Aquazurra Heels

Photos by Conél van Zyl

Location: DIFC, Dubai


Shop My Look! (click the items to buy):



Shop My Look! (click the items to buy):


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  1. I really like the jumpsuit on you.
    Love the red and black theme.
    You sure did the outfit justice.
    Oh yeah, you’vealso got the best poses ??

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