The Instagram Accounts You Need To Be Following

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us spend hours on our smartphones every. single. day. Instagram especially can start to feel like an endless scroll of brands selling you things, people selling themselves, and wrongly applied inspirational quotes. It’s also much easier to tap the “follow” button than it is to realise the type of imagery you’ve now allowed into your psyche every time you open up the Instagram app. So I’ve recently been trying to be a lot more mindful of who I follow, and consequently what I allow to make up part of my timeline.


This new Instagram mantra has meant hitting “unfollow” to accounts that a) seem to only serve the purpose of making me feel terrible about my appearance, b) are based on gossip or unmerited condenamtion (having been on the receiving end of this, I refuse to be a part of tearing down strangers online), finally, c) are overtly noninclusive in terms of using black models and influencers – how can you expect me to buy your product when you don’t seem to remotely care about black consumers?


Since this self-proclaimed “Insta cleanse” I’ve found Instagram to be entirely less self-destructive and emotionally draining. Or to quote Wizkid, I’m making sure all the “bad energy stay far away”. This is why I really wanted to share the accounts that will remain, and those that have been newly discovered. I sincerely hope that some of these pages will become gems in your own Instagram “follow” lists. Also, if you would like similar breakdowns for Twitter or Youtube, let me know in the comment section down below.



For fellow Art History nerds who simultaneously enjoy pop culture memes – Mean Girls Art History (@meangirlsarthistory) and Copy Lab (@copylab)


For Lagos-based contemporary photography done right – Stephen Tayo (@stephen.tayo)


For fellow Autism Awareness warriors – Autism Speaks (@autismspeaks)



For dreamy, cinematic inspired photography – Sarah Bahbah (@sarahbahbah)


For archivally inclined Nigerians – Historical Nigeria (@historicalnigeria)


For makeup lovers who are into melanin + GLOW – Mali Magic (@kingmalimagic)


For fashion industry shade that is 100% warranted – Diet Prada (@diet_prada)


For inspiration – Malala Yousafzai (@malala)


For those of you who have an Instagram saved folder called “lewks” – Chrissy Rutherford (@chrissyford)


For hilarious social and fashion centred illustrations – Julie Houts (@jooleeloren) and Angelica Hicks (@angelicahicks)


For travel inspiration that will make you want to spontaneously book a flight and explore new cultures – Lee Litumbe (@spiritedpursuit)


For a content creator’s dream feed – Tezza (@tezza)

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  1. Little bit of JTO blog reading before hitting the road this Monday, love it! Should follow suit and do an unfollow spree as well tbh.

    HOW have I never followed or even come across @historicalnigeria, it’s my type of thing. Love love @spiritedpursuit and I’ve just checked out @autismspeaks and @Tezza. You should do for twitter and YouTube if you are up for it…especially YouTube. Enjoy the week Thaymiee.

  2. Love love reading your content! Everything about you just screams real! Regardless of is being said, you always prove otherwise love you – jtoGang❤️

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