Fringed Glamour

Fringe, a trend that is conventionally perceived as being western inspired has been given a revamp for SS19. There is no denying that fringe can be a hard trend to pull off, after all, we don’t want to look like we are intentionally going for cowgirl cosplay, but worn in the right way fringing can make your style a statement.   If ever I am looking for a fun way to make a fashion statement without having to wear glitzy attire I opt for fringing, what I also love about fringing is that as a trend, unlike some, it can be followed at all price points and look equally fabulous.


I enjoy wearing fashion that expresses my creativity and so fringed pieces always catch my eye as they have an effortless couture charm that is always a conversation starter.   The dress I chose to wear features maxi length fringing which sways with each move you make, the sleek bodycon underneath accentuates the drama of the fringing and gives the look a sultry evening finish. I chose to wear a statement- layered necklace, which worked well with complimenting the fun layers of this fringed black maxi dress.   This look has been inspired by the runways of SS19 which were filled with designers such as Coach, Oscar de la Renta Tom Ford who used fringing to create funky designs, adding a dramatic and fun edge to otherwise classic dresses and tailored jackets. Keep your eyes on bloggers and the street style savvy and expect to see a lot of fringing and textured trims within the next few months.


The key to pulling off fringing is to have fun with it and to make sure that you feel confident in the look that you choose to wear. Fringing can be worn for every occasion and it will always add a high-fashion feel to your outfits.   A fringed jacked will look effortlessly cool paired with denim shorts and ankle boots in the summer, whilst opting for a maxi-length fully fringed black dress, as I have worked perfectly for an eye-catching evening look. Colour always adds another dimension to fringing also; making it more suited to daytime festival wear.


Words by Chantelle Billson
Photography by Anastasija Je
Original Thumbnail Art by Antonia Weishaupt




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