JTO Takes Lagos: Embracing Fashion “Don’ts”

Welcome to the second post of JTO TAKES LAGOS, where mechanic utility meets retro chic. The basis of this look was to demonstrate how four common fashion “no-nos” are making surprising comebacks in 2017. Firstly, we have the dungaree. A wardrobe piece previously reserved for gardeners and preschool teachers. But now the magic comfort and ease of the dungaree has become thankfully become universal to all. And don’t just stick to denim, try out velvet or a classic corduroy. The next of the often discarded items I’m wearing is a bum bag. The notorious bum bag or fanny pack, made famous by functional-loving tourists is taking over runways. I saw countless versions this summer at music festivals, on beaches, and throughout European cities.


The next “intolerable” fashion piece from this look are my bejewelled and oversized sunglasses. In an era which favours smaller and simpler frames, I contest that sunglasses are the most timeless items in your wardrobe. So don’t let trends sway you, and wear any of your sunglasses at any time. The final item is arguably the most sartorially despised – the hair scrunchie. The fictional fashion authoritarian, Carrie Bradshaw, said it herself “No self-respecting New York City woman would be caught dead running around Manhattan in a scrunchie.” Well, sorry Carrie, sometimes a multipack of plain black hairbands from Boots just won’t do it. Sometimes, you need to embrace the absurd frivolities of fashion, and sometimes a scrunchie is the answer. So I hope I’ve proved in some capacity that there is no such thing as a fashion no-no. Rules are made to be broken. Why is it always those scorned fashion pieces that are recycled to the top of the trend list? Because, at the end of the day, we all love an underdog.


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Natasha Zinko Denim Dungarees

Chanel Bum Bag

Prada Mules

Gucci Sunglasses

Photos by Majeek Daniel

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos


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