Celebrating 23!

Words by Chantelle Billson


Photography by Anastasija Je


Original Thumbnail Art by Antonia Weishaupt


Waking up on the morning of my birthday I couldn’t wait to enjoy the rarity of a day off surrounded by those that mean the most to me. Birthdays allow us the time to reflect on how far we have come since the last celebration, becoming a year older is somewhat humbling.


I arose to find to my surprise that my family and friends had gone all out to celebrate this special day with me, I was pampered with pretty pink balloons, flowers and personalised JTO gift-wrapped presents that made me feel overwhelmingly happy. My handmade birthday cake was the perfect addition to my big day, glistening in gold icing with a big twenty-three numbering placed on top, as I closed my eyes to blow out the candles I had time to reflect. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many people that I cherish…


More than ever, I am ready to conquer all of my dreams and at twenty-three I can happily say that I am relishing in every beautiful moment daily. Thank you all for continuing to make my birthday so special and for supporting me as wholeheartedly as you all do.


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