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JTO Takes Cape Town

Those of you who follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat will undoubtedly know that I recently returned from an unforgettable trip to Cape Town, South Africa. It was my first time in South Africa, and I was left enthralled by Cape Town’s abundance of culture amongst a mountainous backdrop. Between shooting and collaborations, I was determined to explore as much of Cape Town as I could. Here are some of the places I fell in love with during this trip.


All photos are original JTO content.

Original Thumbnail Art by Antonia Weishaupt for JTO Fashion.


The Silo

This beautiful boutique hotel was nothing short of a traveller’s dream, balancing luxury with quintessential South African culture. With floor-to-ceiling windows, and views of both the V&A Waterfront and the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (below), everywhere you turn you get to see the magic of Cape Town. I’ve since become obsessed with Liz Biden, the founder and owner of The Royal Portfolio, the hotel group which includes the Silo. Biden personally designed the Silo, and her eclectic and idiosyncratic way of furnishing makes the Silo experience truly unique.


Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

As the largest collection of African contemporary art in the entire world (yes!), the Zeitz focuses on creating a “platform for Africans to tell their own story and participate in the telling of that story.” In addition to the vast collection of art that includes artists from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, the architecture of the actual building is just breathtaking. The Zeitz space was formerly an industrial structure and now holds a 10-storey-high atrium and “cellular honeycomb” interior.



Recognized as one of Cape Town’s most distinctive neighbourhoods, Bo-Kaap is definitely a must-see tourist site. In a visual sense, vivid blues, pinks and oranges surround you when you walk through the area. But when I researched Bo-Kaap’s historical context, I was even more fascinated by its locational autobiography. The buildings in the Bo-Kaap area had originally been leased to slaves and white paint was involuntary for every house. So when slavery was abolished, these newly-freed citizens decided to paint their homes the brightest colours imaginable. So in some ways, the visual vibrancy of Bokaap now serves as a commemoration of physical emancipation.


Truth Coffee

As many of you know, I am a self-confessed coffee fanatic. So, to fulfil my daily caffeine cravings, I usually have to go on a coffee hunt whenever I travel to a new place. Truth Coffee is top of the list when it comes to gourmet coffee in Cape Town. They have an intricate menu where you can choose from options including a “Resurrection Blend” or a “Vengeance Blend”. Just don’t forget to pick up one of their freshly made pastries or cakes to accompany your coffee.


Clifton Beach

It is no secret that Cape Town boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Clifton Beach does not fall short of this expectation, with its warm, white sand and crystal-clear waves that crash into beautiful beachside homes. This pristine beach is the perfect place to escape the commotion of the city centre. You can see the JTO Takes Clifton Beach blog post in full (here).


And finally, I wanted to list some of the places I missed this time round but will top of the list for my next South Africa trip:

All photos are original JTO content.

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