90s Revival

The 90s was an unforgettable time for films, music, and, of course, fashion. Whether I’m singing my heart out to Destiny’s Child’s Writing’s on the Wall, or watching Pulp Fiction for the 100th time, the nostalgia always comes in full force. Although I was born in 1996, seeing all the 90s fashion trends making a comeback is like peeping back into my childhood. Characterized by “edgy grunge vibes with a hint of nonchalance,” the reemergence of 90s fashion trends have been universal. There has been a cultural shift that hails “out with the new, in with the old” and in particular, the fashion realm has us time-travelling back 20 years. Best of all, these 90s trends pose the perfect excuse to rummage through some of London’s best vintage shops in the hope of finding something that was actually bought and worn in 1993.


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Photos by Joy Mumford



Matching Plaid Sets

While some would say Cher Horowitz was clueless when it came to love, she was far from that when it came to serving lewks. Her yellow plaid matching set has undoubtedly gone down in history as one of the most iconic fashion moments of the 90s – you’ll see many yellow-“plaided” Cher’s at Halloween parties. So, for this 90s inspired shoot, I felt it was only right to pay homage to the fictional character who made me obsess over Alaïa and Calvin Klein matched pieces.



I will forever love any fashion trend that is actually wearable, and flattering. It’s true that there can be a fine line between feeling cozy and sloppy, but once you find that balance athleisure will be your everyday look. Kith is a personal favourite when it comes to finding that perfect intersection between leisure and style.


Slip Dresses

Dainty slip dresses were a must-have most 90’s girls. When I think of these nightdress-inspired dresses, images of Kate Moss (pictured below) and other icons of this time come to mind. And fall/winter doesn’t need to come between you and a slip dress – just pair it with a turtleneck or plain white t-shirt for so extra warmth.


Platform Sneakers

What would the 1990s have been without the Spice Girls… they ignited universal sentiments of girl power AND Sporty Spice gave us the iconic platform sneaker all at the same time. Although each Spice Girl had their own distinct yet enviable style, I always felt most taken by Mel B’s tracksuits and HUGE trainers. At the time, Vogue even stated that “Platforms are the new Stan Smiths” i.e. the new footwear of choice for the fashion crowd. From Balenciaga’s Triple S resurgence to Chanel’s chunky trainers, the bigger and clunkier the shoe, the better.


Brown Lipstick

I truly believe that the way your makeup is styled can form 30% of your cohesive look. So, I’m constantly exploring how to elevate my make-up routine to match my outfit. For a 90s inspired look, a chocolatey brown lip is a trend I’ll accept with open arms. Plus, it works so perfectly for us black girls – think Aaliyah and Brandy.


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  1. The two plaid prints is something that you wouldn’t think would look great together but it it just works on this “lewk”
    And the shoes just make the whole look iconic .

    About the slip dresses do you think the length or a print on them would determine when and where you can wear it ?

    Great post x

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