What’s Inspiring Me This Week?

Manhattan (1979)

I’ve watched almost every single Woody Allen movie, but having watched Manhattan again over the weekend I’ve decided it’s indisputably in my list of his top 5 films (Annie Hall is #1 obvs). If you haven’t watched it before or any Woody Allen film for that matter (?!) – watch it TODAY! If you prefer 21st century Woody then Blue Jasmine and Match Point are also excellent.


70s Styling

There are certain things from the 1970s that should stay in that era – ponchos, disco balls, and patchwork anything. But there are also many aspects of 70s fashion that can influence your dressing in 2017. A couple of examples are exemplified by this anonymous lady (see below) with a fabulous afro. This week I dare you to try out oversized sunglasses, bowties and coloured suiting, you just might surprise yourself.


La Vérité Nous Rend Libres

“The Truth Will Set You Free” – Because sometimes you just need an important reminder before the week ahead.


Chanel Cruise in Cuba 2017/2017

I find that I’m currently spending every waking moment complaining about the weather in London. If only I could be in Havana right now driving in a vintage car and smoking cubanos. So because I can’t, I’ve decided to live vicariously through the Chanel runway show. Yikes.


Plush Interiors

I’m constantly trying to fix up my flat interior. Although I may never fully reach interior design “goals” that definitely hasn’t stopped me from spending hours considering different colour combinations and zen positions for my furniture. Sigh, maybe furnishing skill comes with age and experience…


90s Kate Moss

To be honest, 90s editorials and Kate Moss are an everyday inspiration but the silver pants she’s wearing in this photo are a whole other level of indescribable cool. Stay posted whilst I aim to recreate this yellow t-shirt, plaid jumper, silver trouser, combo with little success.



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