Vetements Details

This season’s popular shoe candy finally made its way out of the box and onto my feet the other day, paired with grey H&M jeans (vetements inspired), and an equally whimsical pale pink and silver reversible jacket I bought during my last trip to NYC.


This is exactly the type of casual look I love. The type which has uber-stylish trimmings. And yes, I’m still experimenting with how to seamlessly add a fanny-pack to every possible situation. I made sure I had a leg to stand on by opting for a metallic version. I have to say besides these boots, one trend I’m feeling a lot at the moment are asymmetric hem jeans. Mine are a grey pair from H&M and are worn best with heeled boots to lengthen out the leg, but almost every high street store is making their own version so you’ll have no problem finding your own perfect pair!


Zara Jacket

Vetements T-Shirt

H&M Jeans

Vetements Boots

Chanel Bum Bag

Photos by Kate David Mcleod

Location: Hackney, London









  • Love your jacket!
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

    • Thank you Feyi! :)

  • hanifa ibrahim

    where did you get the shirt from JTO!

    • Hi Hanifa! It’s from Vetements :)

  • Finding OOMF

    The cut thing on your jeans is different and looks really cool.

  • Finding OOMF


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