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Anyone who has ever seen my closet will know that bags are my sartorial weakness. Put a beautiful bag in front of me and I can easily lose any sensible thought. What do I look for when investing in a durable bag? Structure, individuality, and versatility. I tend to gear towards uncanny silhouettes, but in a size that’s practical. Fashion may be life, but does it really make sense to carry a bag that you can’t even fit your phone in? As someone who is always on the search for quirky pieces, I that my handbag is the best way to experiment with colour combinations and patterning. As much as a neon orange, over-sized tote bag may seem like a good idea, it probably only goes with that dress you had in mind when buying it. So my advice is to make realistic choices when mentally pairing a new bag purchase with the rest of your wardrobe. Does this bag work for both day and night looks? Will I feel excited to carry it every day? These are the big questions.


With my strict specifications, it’s any wonder I can find the right bag to fit the criteria, but then I was introduced to the accessories brand ‘Timabee’. In many ways I’m beginning to avoid “it-bags” and truly value fashion pieces that are more singular. Who wants to have the same bag as every single other girl in the room?! The customisation on my Timabee bag has to be my favourite part. I love anything that feels that extra bit personal, and the ‘T.E.O’ engraved on the bag tag is just that. The “zip” detail and luxurious Italian leather also add that extra “quirk” I’m always looking for! Moral of this handbag story? Appreciate individuality and focus on brands like Timabee that emphasis craftsmanship and detail.


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