Urban Leather

It’s no secret that I’m a huge of fan of leather but how does one navigate the fine line between some subtly, sexy, leather and an overload reminiscent of a Harley Davidson biker. These days I find the leather jacket a little overdone so I’m always looking for different ways to incorporate the skin. This has varied from skirts to socks (surprisingly comfortable), and there are endless accessories and clothes to try out.

 In this look I paired a leather, longline, sleeveless coat, with a leather kilt – balancing the long and short. My new daisy Maison Margiela booties counter the harshness of the leather with some feminine kitsch. So at least for this spring, avoid the generic nature of the leather jacket for a leather headband or t-shirt.

Leather Marni Sleeveless Coat

Marni Jumper

Leather Joseph Kilt

Saint Laurent Handbag

Maison Margiela Booties

Photos by Evan Pierce

Location: Chelsea, New York City





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