A Celebration Of The Gele

The gele, the traditional head wrap worn by women in Nigerian culture. I have always had a slightly nostalgic moment when I wear a gele, and instantly flashback to old photos of my grandmother and mother wearing beautifully constructed head wraps. For all my non-Nigerian readers, gele’s are usually worn to special occasions such as –  weddings, anniversaries and formal events, however some truly fabulous women rock them even day to day. Most commonly used is the “Aso oke”, which is originally a ceremonial woven fabric made out of cotton or silk. As a proud Nigerian and someone who loves to celebrate and embrace my beautiful culture, I was excited to explore the different ways the gele could be moulded to different moods using varying colours and patterns.


Gele Wrapping and Makeup by MakeupByOma

Location: Lagos, Nigeria



  • Donna Marks

    So very elegant.

  • Mary – Lagos city chic

    Yes to this! Gele headwrap is actually so fabulous. Currently scheming up ways to incorporate gele into regular outfits. Thanks for inspiring me haha

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